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-occupied kashmir. >> it's time now for a break, but stay tuned. after the break, elections are up for sale, and indian actor facilitated at the mumbai film festival. after the break, as presidential elections draw near, there is increased demand of voter cards across afghanistan. they are up for sale. poor people do not bother to buy cards. here is a report. >> in the streets as afghanistan, men's carry stacks of voter cards, looking for keen buyers. one said business is so good that sometimes he has large orders. he said he could buy a voter cards for 1.89 u.s. dollars each from villagers and sell them for between 4.73 29.0 u.s. dollars. traders were not engaging in illegal behavior but responding to the demand of those who choose to trade their votes for a few extra meals. there are months to go until polling day on april 5, with many presidential candidates already alarmed by the scale of the trade in voter cards and questioning how legitimate the election will be. >> and election marred by more fraud than the last polls of 2009 would play into the hand of taliban insurgents and risk a
newly elected civilian government led by animosity it is under intense international pressure to do it justice. on twenty six eleven. but it seems that the government has decided to go still visibly under the pressure of the deacon false is like la la la the military. says. james had been deceiving its own citizens and rights activists by shedding crocodile tears and playing victim over the dawn attacks which started in two thousand and four. recently published report in washington post suggests that caucus on the government secretly permit the united states of conduct on strikes to support him at a time in the pockets of the prime minister was visiting the us and advance the issue of dog attacks that president obama the teat resizing and strikes by saudi officials the foothills secret key and asked us to a program. even the king not the least one top that such an attack. according to a washington post poll. seeking cit documents on this site enables the team of the post described the least sixty five such rights between the two hundred and seven and eight two thousand of them go i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)